A thought after trip to Krakow by Wizz Air

Posted on October 14, 2011


image courtesy @ Wizz air

E, K, and H came back from super epic trip to Krakow, Poland. Indeed, we had much much much fun in Krakow. Thanks to the rest of the gangs, Jorge, Ara, and Andrea! Also, special thanks to E’s friend, OZ( btw, little info – OZ is a code for Asiana Airlines)!

Now, I want to share a little thought or an idea on Airline industry and Sustainability. Since we used Wizz Air from Malmo, Sweden to Katowice, Poland, we had some discussion about lower cost airlines and sustainability issue.

Well, by using lower cost airlines, passengers would enjoy ‘economic benefits’ with cheap price. Sometimes, a round-way ticket between malmo and katowice is much cheaper than going to Copenhagen, Denmark from Lund, Sweden ( which takes around 35 min. by train).  But, it might be good if we consider the environmental impact of using airplanes ( or airline industry).

Here, I attach an article about Wizz Air’s new decision on installing Eco engine wash. It seems that the company is responding to Sustainability issue. But, again, H(myself) reading an article Creating Shared Value by Michael E.Porter and Mark R.Kramer from HBR(Harvard Business Review) comes up with an idea between Green wash and CSR. Then, is Wizz Air really reflecting on sustainability? Or is it just one of the marketing strategies?

gibberish and shallow thought

But I hope you would have a chance to think of relevant issues.


Pratt & Whitney: Press Release: Wizz Air Selects Pratt & Whitney’s Environmental Friendly EcoPower® Engine Wash.


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