[Book] Sustainability by Design

Posted on October 20, 2011


Today, Ara introduced a book, Sustainability by Design in ‘Industry and Sustainability’ class seminar.

It’s really worth reading. Indeed, we strongly recommend this book!

From the cover of this book, you might think that this book is about Solar energy (sunflower) or Wind energy (windmill). But, rather, it encompasses diverse perspectives on Sustainability. As I(H) mentioned in class, it has a chapter called Tao of Sustainability which is very creative and fresh concept.

The developed world, increasingly aware of “inconvenient truths” about global warming and sustainability, is turning its attention to possible remedies-eco-efficiency, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility, among others. But such measures are mere Band-Aids, and they may actually do more harm than good, says John Ehrenfeld, a pioneer in the field of industrial ecology. In this deeply considered book, Ehrenfeld challenges conventional understandings of “solving” environmental problems and offers a radically new set of strategies to attain sustainability.

The book is founded upon this new definition: sustainability is the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on Earth forever. There are obstacles to this hopeful vision, however, and overcoming them will require us to transform our behavior, both individually and collectively. Ehrenfeld identifies problematic cultural attributes-such as the unending consumption that characterizes modern life-and outlines practical steps toward developing sustainability as a mindset. By focusing on the “being” mode of human existence rather than on the unsustainable “having” mode we cling to now, he asserts, a sustainable world is within our reach.

Here, this is a link to the blog of the author – John R. Ehrenfeld. Check on it!