The Other Inconvenient Truth: How Agriculture is Changing the Face of Our Planet

Posted on October 30, 2011


Take a look at this TED Talk from Jonathon Foley!

Foley looks at the magnitude of agriculture’s impacts on the earth and at the extent to which it is dominating the planet.  The severity of our situation will undoubtedly worsen as agricultural demands rise as populations grow.  This video demonstrates agriculture’s implications on land use and water use, that the “industry” is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, and is a main driver of biodiversity loss.  Foley argues that agriculture is the single most powerful force on this planet since the ice age.  What makes this issue so critical is that it is something we cannot live without.  Foley’s talk raises questions about how humankind will get through the next century.

This video is eye-opening and this perspective is vital to anyone interested in understanding the big picture of anthropocentric implications on the planet, and the complexities, trade-offs, and interrelationships between human-nature systems.

LUMES is very lucky to have Jonathon Foley himself holding a lecture in Varlden (Geocentrum 1, Solvegatan 10, 1st floor) on Thursday, 3 November, 2011 from 18.00-19.30.  The talk is entitled Solutions for a Cultivated Planet.  The event has been organized by Kimberly Nicholas for the LUMES Rural Course.  If this topic interests you (as it should interest us all) it will be a stimulating and important talk.