Posted on November 13, 2011


This wonderful film is about our home – the earth.  Like LUMES, it covers the following concepts; geology, humans, history, injustice, animals, industry, transport, agriculture, deforestation, oceans, mega cities, and how our mismanagement of carbon affects the earth.

You might enjoy this video for the stunning visual imagery, for the profound statements that it makes or for the information that it gives.  Whatever the reason, just watch it.  Recommend it.  Share it.  What this documentary does beautifully and poignantly is paint the complete picture of the delicate nature of humans existence on earth.  It documents the most significant effects of global climate change in a straightforward manner, and through stunning landscapes which showcase the delicate beauty of the planet.  It might seem sensationalized at times, but the more people who watch this video and become aware of the threats to our planet, the more they can ask questions, discuss, and learn from it.

This film asks us, as citizens of planet earth, to hold ourselves accountable for the damages done.  The injustices we have committed to the planet and to each other have to stop, and knowledge is the first step.  It is too late to be a pessimist – it’s time to be responsible.  Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being.

Understand, practice and share the ideas behind sustainability!

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