The BaerByen Project

Posted on November 21, 2011


Check out this project!  Thanks to five hard-working Batch 14 students, this is a great Making Change Happen 2011-2012 success here at LUMES!

The BaerByen project is building an interactive website which promotes sustainable living – specifically in Copenhagen. The roots from the name BaerByen comes from the Danish words baer for berry, byen for city, and baeredygtighed for sustainability.  The dedicated ladies involved in the project have taken to the streets of CPH these past couple of months, making contact with urban gardening and food sustainability projects in Copenhagen.

They are currently to building an interactive website promoting sustainable living within the city (launching December, 2011).  This site will use the knowledge and advice from current projects to inform interested parties how they too can build on the sustainable food movement by visiting, volunteering or even setting up their own projects.  The site will also host information on where to go for the nearest food co-op as well as municipality guidelines on composting, setting up urban gardens etc…  Related ideas and projects related to food systems around the world will be included as well.  The group is currently hard at work, writing and compiling all the information to make their website ready for the big launch in December but check out their Facebook page which gives you more information about them and their partners.  Great work!

If you’re interested in learning more and/or keeping up-to-date with their project, “Like” their page on Facebook:


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