Crafting for Sustainability

Posted on November 29, 2011


Here is another interesting and exciting project from LUMES 14th batch students! Crafting for Sustainability!

As it can be seen from their poster, aim of this project is to bring change in behaviour of people towards the consumption of clothes by using craft and creativity as a medium. Instead of throwing away your favourite old T-shirt or a pair of jeans into garbage or giving it away for reuse, why not redesign it in a different manner by means of art? This way one can reuse the old clothes and reduce the pressure on the environmental and natural resources caused due to production of fabrics.

By conducting workshops they are trying to bring in more creative ideas and redesign clothing. Also, working together is fun as it creates a social bonding, share ideas and knowledge and at the same time spread important message about sustainability.

Group have already conducted their first workshop and have come up with wonderful products like necklaces, bags, mobile pouches, soft toys, gloves, etc. made form old-tshirts. Here you can find some of the amazing examples of reusing textile materials for new purposes.


For further information, if you are already in Lund or nearby please attend the workshop on 30th November at the Wickmanska cafe at 16:00 hrs or visit the facebook page, EASY-R. Group members (Sarita, Anna, Evelina, Rong, Yujun) appreciate any kind of inputs. If you are unable to attend the workshop, you can come to the exhibition on 7th December at the City Hall from 8:00 to 12:00.


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