Are you eco-chic?

Posted on November 30, 2011


Today, there was a seminar on Sustainable Design, mostly focused on Sustainable Fashion. I guess it was the most ‘trendy’ sustainable seminar we had in LUMES!

A swedish eco fashion company ‘righteous’ was introduced by Paula Kermfors. Since she has a background in Human Rights Law, it was nice to hear from her in different way, such as labor issue in sustainable fashion industry. There were several good questions and concerns about the company itself and sustainable fashion in general.

It’s now easy to come up with one definition in terms of Sustainable Fashion. But, it’s still worth to thinking about our consuming pattern, fashion industry, and sustainable fashion, etc. And, here, I introduce a website called ‘ecouterre’. Some of you are already well known about it though. I guess this website is the guru of Sustainable Fashion or eco-stylish stuff.

Hope you enjoy it!

(Click above picture to go to ecouterre)