Stop Violence Against Women

Posted on December 10, 2011



Obviously “violence against women” is not an issue limited with a single country or a single society -women pay the price of being a “woman” in various ways within different countries. What makes me write this article is, unfortunately the increasing amount of news regarding violence that I came across in journals everyday. I would like to highlight this issue in spite of the language of certain media channels that reflect the problem as an “everyday situation” which eventually cause desensitization among members of society.

Sexual violence and intimate partner violence statistics are quite high especially within countries that struggling with poverty, civil war and low education rates. According to researches of international organizations -including WHO- and local initiatives, most of the “violence against women” incidents are household based, which means most of the women are subjected to violence from their own husbands. Even though the underlying reasons of violence depending on country, social structure, beliefs and values; it generally stems from the dominant role of men within society, lower education rates among women and accordingly economic dependency to men in households.

Growing global interest in recent years is promising; however there is need for more social research including the areas that suffer most from violence against women. Furthermore, inadequate and disorganized cooperation in local level, impede the potential empowerment initiatives and give no voice to women. As an example, particularly in the eastern regions of Turkey, women are not able to find the organizational help that allows them to express themselves and perhaps create a collective platform in terms of sharing their concerns. Most of the uneducated women unwillingly bear the bad treatment of their husbands and remain silent about violence they subjected to in relation with economical dependency and they cannot find a way out from this vicious cycle. Moreover, law enforcement and associated policies regarding sexual violence, rape, honour killing and violence against women are so ineffective and away from being dissuasive that most of the men see no harm to commit these kinds of crimes. At the end of the day, a police beats a woman publicly in a police station and another women is being raped and murdered from family members.

The role of women in the development of a country and their potential impacts on economic growth is being disregarded, instead of facilitating their participation to decision-making process, they are being alienated from society and unfortunately all these happen in the countries that claimed to be democratic. Physical and psychological health problems in relation with violence among women will never bring about welfare and progress, on the contrary vulnerability and emotional stress in households will remain as a bad heritage to their children thus, negatively contribute to next-generations’ psychological health.

This article might be considered as a reproach but it might be a tool for informing someone who is not aware of these problems. Even though we are not able to reach women subjected to violence personally all over the world and even though we are not able to solve the gender related problems from the core with one article, more informed and aware society always will be sensitive and act accordingly in terms of empowerment of women and prevent violence.


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