LUMES theses 2012

Posted on January 4, 2012


“God fortsättning!” as we say here in Sweden

There have been some Alumni who have showed interest in knowing what areas of research we are commencing. Below is a preliminary list of the students as well as their reserach areas/topics. Maybe you find something of interest in these areas?

Bhagat, Sarita: Sustainable consumption and food security

Bilke, Ralf: Transdisciplinarity, bioenergy, decision making, and sustainability

Boda, Chad: Climate change, natural disasters, experience and perception, social theory.

Bäck, Emma: Water access, sanitation, wellbeing

Cárdenas, Flavia: water privatization and water access

Castro, Jorge: CSR, informal waste collectors, quality of life, private-public partnerships, system analysis, transition theory, human development

Dean, Rhianna: Climate change, agriculture, adaptation, demographics, adaptive capacity

Egüez, Alejandro: Policy evaluation for renewable energy deployment in developing countries

Ercan, Ezgi: Environmental education, active learning, children’s perceptions, linking experiences to global knowledge, South Africa

Fiscal Woodhouse, Andrea: Art, social sustainability, poetry, social learning, and creativity

Hoffman, Julia: Social business, community wind park scheme, livelihood assessment, vulnerability

Isaksen, Robert: Critical realism, sustainability theory, positive psychology, agency, wellbeing, content analysis and semiotics

Kawahara, Takehiro: Energy, decentralization, disaster, resilience, transition theory, system analysis

Kim, Hyunah: Design, Sustainable design, Nordic context, Product design, Furniture, Green aesthetics, Dematerialization

Lindholm, Teresa: Water footprint, water quality, agriculture, industry, Finland

Liu, Yujun: Green building, policy evaluation, economy

McElvenney, Leila: Land grabbing for conservation, justice and political ecology perspective

Melin, Margaret: WOOFing, behaviour change, active learning, environmental psychology

O’Byrne, David: Third level education institutions, limitations and barriers of sustainability programme development, mixes methods, realism

Pluschke, Lucie: Water management, urban sustainability, political ecology, resilient city, impacts of climate change on water resources, accessibility, Beirut

Soltani, Anoosh: Immigrant, migration, social capital, welfare, security

Strandfeldt, Evelina: Municipalities, local governance, climate change mitigation, sustainable consumption, pro-environmental behaviour, sustainable life-styles, Stockholm, shopping centers

Whitfield, Kate: Climate change adaptation, vulnerability assessment, impacts on traditional food systems (such as Caribou), ethnographic/anthropological aspect, role of culture and community in building resilience, Arctic Canada