12′ Stockholm Furniture Fair

Posted on February 18, 2012


Hello, people! Currently, I am doing my master’s thesis on Sustainable design (in general). And, the topic is more focused on Green furniture and Design thinking. So, I’ve visited Stockholm Furniture Fair during 2012 Stockholm Design Week on the 5th week. Here, I would like to share some photos from Möbelmässan(furniture fair) and general issues around my thesis topic (in brief), green furniture and design thinking.

But, first, I don’t think that there is a specific difference between Sustainable furniture and Green furniture. At least, on this post, I assume that those two words or concepts describe same things. Still, it is difficult to define what exactly Sustainable furniture or Green furniture is about. However, we could say that it is a low impact furniture using eco friendly materials and being conscious of production process, packaging, and shipping (or distribution). Think of ‘Cradle to Cradle‘ ( more info. on Cradle to Cradle, click the word!). Those furnitures should be cautiously designed by well-organized environmental standard from the initial material choice to the final disassembly.

What I expect from Green furniture (Sustainable furniture) is holistically designed furniture in terms of Sustainability. Let’s say sustainability has four streams such as social sustainability, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and cultural sustainability. One might wonder whether it is possible to apply all those sustainability streams for furniture production. But, that’s what I want to see from Green furniture. Furniture, the object itself is very closed to our daily life. It is a part of our life. It is not only a utensil made by wood or steel but also a piece of art embedded by a designer’s philosophy in a specific society. Furniture definitely reflects on social atmosphere, geology, history, technology, business, art, and philosophy, etc. Therefore, it might not be weird to look for the connection between furniture and sustainability streams.

In the mean time, I had very fruitful and meaningful interviews with designers and people from furniture companies at fair. We talked about many issues around sustainability and design for instance, LCA, dematerialization, minimalism, vintage furniture culture, design as luxury, human desire on new products, consumption pattern, local tree plantation, global marketing, IKEA, lean process, and designer’s role, etc. I cannot describe everything in detail here on this post. But, I can say that it was really interesting to share opinions on sustainability and design with diverse actors. That’s why I got little confused after the fair though. haha;) If some of you are interested in those kinds of issues, I would like to strongly recommend to get explored and get confused at higher level with higher discourse. I will try to upload more stories around furniture, design, and sustainability in near future. Thanks for reading! Enjoy the below pics from Stockholmsmässan! Tack!


 photos @ Hyunah Kim