BIG, Bjarke InGels – Hedonistic Sustainability

Posted on April 9, 2012


It was a loooooong winter for LUMES Channel. no? Sorry for absence, ppl!

Now, we are back with Bjarke Ingels!

Google it now! if  you have no idea with BIG( Bjarke Ingels Group) or Bjarke Ingels! Then, immediately, you could see how famous he is and how much the danish architect is highly involved with many different projects in all over the world! ( He was rated as ‘one of the 100 most creative people in business’ on a survey). Recently, he started projects in Chicago, Florida, and Vancouver. And, we could see his other amazing projects done in Shanghai, Copenhagen, and New York, etc. Literally, he is everywhere! The other day, I wondered whether he could become more famous than Richard Rogers (an architect, UK)!!

Personally, since last year, I’ve been interested in his architecture projects and one of his main speech topics and theories, hedonistic sustainability! Here, I first introduce what hedonistic sustainability means.

HEDONISTIC SUSTAINABILITY is defined as  “sustainability that improves the quality of life and human enjoyment”.  It is is touted as the “latest and most exciting evolution in the green movement”. It challenges this misconception that sustainability means sacrifice. really?? (Before several days ago, I found a quote which has similar context).


see? sustainability should be an opportunity to present new ideas and to create better options. it should not be a pain. it should not be sacrifice.

Hedonistic sustainability proves that design and architecture can be economically profitable as well as environmentally sustainable. So, basically, Bjarke Ingels captures aesthetics, human happiness, architecture, and ecology together in his project by adopting hedonistic sustainability.

Taking a big picture view, hedonistic sustainability is what happens when you stop thinking about buildings as structures and start thinking about them as ecosystems. When buildings are part of ecosystems, they can be used to help create a closed loop for recycling energy, minimizing your environmental impact and creating positive side products like a higher quality of life. (ref.

Here is the TED video on Bjarke Ingels and Hedonistic Sustainability. It elaborates his projects and background ideas in detail ! Hope everyone could grasp some idea from this video! Enjoy!

Vi hörs!


p.s. you could find more relevant videos or news on CNN. tack!