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Bloggers from LUMES*-Batch 14

I’m Kate Whitfield, from London, Ontario, Canada.  My educational background is sociology and culture studies.  When I started LUMES, my goal was to gain a bigger picture understanding of the world as a system, and how societies interact with the environment on a global scale.  I have always been fascinated with social norms and discourses and how they play a role in our daily lives.  Through the lumeschannel, I hope to share some of the bigger picture theories and concepts behind sustainability, to inform people, and inspire our readers to ask questions.  A main hope is that some of the concepts presented in this blog reach people that would not normally have access to them.  I consider lumeschannel to be a success if it inspires just a few people to view their world a little differently.


I’m Ezgi Ercan from Izmir, Turkey. Even though my educational background is Environmental Engineering, I have always been interested in understanding human behaviour, education and interaction of different cultures. These were the main reasons that brought me to LUMES-the most culturally-diverse and inter-disciplinary masters program ever. Throughout LUMES journey, one of the many things that I have learnt was the importance of communication and role of alternative media channels that can reach numerous people. In this case, through lumeschannel I aim to access people that outside LUMES and also connect previous and current students, since information dissemination is essential. Hopefully, lumeschannel will grow in time and became a tool that provides information for environmentalists all over the world.


 Hello World! I am Björn Van Berg from Arcata, California in the the United States Of Ameriduh. I studied at the University of California Santa Cruz focusing on Environmental Sciences and Water Policy. While I have traveled to many places on this planet, LUMES has given me an experience like no other and a deeper appreciation for the true diversity and connection we all hold. I now have a global family of like minded, fun and intelligent people all thanks to LUMES. Hopefully the LUMES Channel can act as a permanent space for all of us to continue sharing ideas with each other as well as with the Alumni and incoming students… and to help promote the LUMES vision around the Globe!


Hi, hej! I am Hyunah from Seoul, Korea. I am also known as Hype, H and HYUNALOGUE. I studied international politics and economy for Bachelor’s. During college years, I tried to find my focus area and later I was very very stimulated by international environmental issues. As one of the people who appreciates Art, now, I am in charge of ‘Aesthetics’ for LUMES channel . Currently, I am preparing for my upcoming master thesis with sustainable design topic. Lund and LUMES are such an amazing place to navigate (so called) the other world that we haven’t experienced in our life. Especially, LUMES – the creativity and the affection to the nature and human – gives us never-ending inspirations! Tackar tackar!


My name is Robert Isaksen and I am from the beautiful land of Norway. My background is in business innovation and the programme was very interesting and had dynamic learning because the students were passionate and excited, so I wanted the same for my masters. I came to Lund and visited LUMES and felt the energy and passion from the other students and from the professors. I am grateful I am able to be a LUMES student, it is especially nice to know so many good people from all over the world. Seeing so many good people who have passion for making the world better gives me hope. My hope is that lumeschannel will be a way that we can share our enthusiasm with people all over the world, and to help people who are contemplating whether they should apply to LUMES to stop contemplating and start applying 😉

We are looking forward to promote LUMES and Sustainable lifestyles through this blog.

We welcome any questions or feedback at

* LUMES stands for  international master’s degree programme of Envrionmental Studies and Sustainability Science in Lund University, Sweden

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  1. So nice! 🙂
    I miss you people!


  2. Chad Boda

    December 8, 2011

    Saving the world, one blog at a time! LUMESians Unite!


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