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12′ Stockholm Furniture Fair

February 18, 2012


Hello, people! Currently, I am doing my master’s thesis on Sustainable design (in general). And, the topic is more focused on Green furniture and Design thinking. So, I’ve visited Stockholm Furniture Fair during 2012 Stockholm Design Week on the 5th week. Here, I would like to share some photos from Möbelmässan(furniture fair) and general issues […]

LUMES theses 2012

January 4, 2012


“God fortsättning!” as we say here in Sweden There have been some Alumni who have showed interest in knowing what areas of research we are commencing. Below is a preliminary list of the students as well as their reserach areas/topics. Maybe you find something of interest in these areas? Bhagat, Sarita: Sustainable consumption and food […]

* The LUMES effect! *

December 16, 2011


Main Findings from the LUMES-Effect Making Change Happen-Project Six of us from batch 14, wanted to investigate what we call the “LUMES-effect”. We wanted to gain a better understanding of what capabilities and skills LUMES enhances and what factors contribute to this personal development. We conducted a survey of all LUMES alumni (batches 1 through […]

Crafting for Sustainability

November 29, 2011


Here is another interesting and exciting project from LUMES 14th batch students! Crafting for Sustainability! As it can be seen from their poster, aim of this project is to bring change in behaviour of people towards the consumption of clothes by using craft and creativity as a medium. Instead of throwing away your favourite old […]

LUMES Alumni Conference Interviews

November 24, 2011


Check out some cool films of student interviews from the 2011 LUMES Alumni Conference. A great opportunity to hear student’s thoughts about the positives of LUMES, why they care about the program and how it is personally special to them. Also a rare insight into the long academic history and international family of LUMES throughout the last 15 […]

The BaerByen Project

November 21, 2011


Check out this project!  Thanks to five hard-working Batch 14 students, this is a great Making Change Happen 2011-2012 success here at LUMES! The BaerByen project is building an interactive website which promotes sustainable living – specifically in Copenhagen. The roots from the name BaerByen comes from the Danish words baer for berry, byen for city, and baeredygtighed for […]

The Other Inconvenient Truth: How Agriculture is Changing the Face of Our Planet

October 30, 2011


Take a look at this TED Talk from Jonathon Foley! Foley looks at the magnitude of agriculture’s impacts on the earth and at the extent to which it is dominating the planet.  The severity of our situation will undoubtedly worsen as agricultural demands rise as populations grow.  This video demonstrates agriculture’s implications on land use and water use, that the “industry” […]