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An Active Perspective to Sustainability Education

October 24, 2012


Although education is considered as one of the most effective approaches in terms of addressing sustainability challenges and formulating solutions, my main ambition is trying to indicate the fact that traditional education methods remain inadequate in this regard. This is because these methods are based on passive and teacher-centred approaches to learning.  So, inFebruary 2012 I went […]

Weak and Strong Sustainability

December 12, 2011


For the majority of us, our versions of what sustainability is does not fall outside of the current system.  The royal “we” at lumeschannel would like to show you some perspectives which argue outside the dominant paradigm (the current system which overall prioritizes economic growth).  Of course, we also share many ideas from within this […]

#Occupy Movement – Environmental Cause?

December 10, 2011


With the Occupy protests still going strong, many are taking a more critical look at the actual issues the movement is addressing. Although the environmental aspects of the Occupy movement may not be at the forefront of mainstream media attention, they are playing a significant role in the demands of protestors. Concerns for the well being […]

Stop Violence Against Women

December 10, 2011


Source: Obviously “violence against women” is not an issue limited with a single country or a single society -women pay the price of being a “woman” in various ways within different countries. What makes me write this article is, unfortunately the increasing amount of news regarding violence that I came across in journals everyday. […]

System Change: A Low or No Growth Scenario

December 7, 2011


We can modify our daily habits, drive less, and eat organic, but what do we really need to do to achieve a more sustainable society? Is it possible to continue within this “business-as-usual” paradigm and make any significant positive changes in order to save the planet? Ecological Economist Peter Victor argues for a greater system […]

Crowded Out – New York Times interviews population experts

December 7, 2011


What do 7 billion people mean for an already strained planet? Three experts share their perspectives. Check out this amazing New York Times interview with three of the world’s most prominent thinkers on the issues of population and consumption. Featuring: Hania Zlotnik, director of the United Nations Population Division at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Chandran Nair, founder […]

Rising consumption in a world of seven billion: ideas on sustainable business innovation

December 4, 2011


With a rapidly increasing population of over seven billion, the threat to the planet has less to do with the absolute number than with what, how and how much we consume. While the debate of whether or not consumers can change industry may continue to circulate on a “higher” level, we all exist within and […]