UngBo 12

December 27, 2011


Hello, Lumesians! Hope you all are having wonderful holidays! Season’s greetings from LUMES Channel! And, here, I introduce some local project, UngBo 12, carrying out in Malmö. Since we took a course ‘Urban systems and Sustainability’ by Mr.Anderberg, I am very much interested in those urban planning projects of Malmö and Copenhagen. As we learned, […]

* The LUMES effect! *

December 16, 2011


Main Findings from the LUMES-Effect Making Change Happen-Project Six of us from batch 14, wanted to investigate what we call the “LUMES-effect”. We wanted to gain a better understanding of what capabilities and skills LUMES enhances and what factors contribute to this personal development. We conducted a survey of all LUMES alumni (batches 1 through […]

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“Get It Done” Speech – COP17

December 13, 2011


Please take 5 minutes to watch this speech by Anjali Appadurai, a passionate student from the College of the Atlantic in Maine, who addressed the conference on behalf of youth delegates.  For the original video and more information visit Democracynow.org.

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Aftermath of COP17 Climate Negotiations

December 12, 2011


I also followed news like other environmentalists did all over the world, waiting for a solid agreement about climate change in COP17 held in Durban, South Africa this year. Climate conference lasted for approximately two weeks and finally it ended recently with an agreement. According to various media channels, UN expressed their satisfaction as “We […]

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Weak and Strong Sustainability

December 12, 2011


For the majority of us, our versions of what sustainability is does not fall outside of the current system.  The royal “we” at lumeschannel would like to show you some perspectives which argue outside the dominant paradigm (the current system which overall prioritizes economic growth).  Of course, we also share many ideas from within this […]

#Occupy Movement – Environmental Cause?

December 10, 2011


With the Occupy protests still going strong, many are taking a more critical look at the actual issues the movement is addressing. Although the environmental aspects of the Occupy movement may not be at the forefront of mainstream media attention, they are playing a significant role in the demands of protestors. Concerns for the well being […]

Stop Violence Against Women

December 10, 2011


Source: http://www.usafricaonline.com Obviously “violence against women” is not an issue limited with a single country or a single society -women pay the price of being a “woman” in various ways within different countries. What makes me write this article is, unfortunately the increasing amount of news regarding violence that I came across in journals everyday. […]

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