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An Active Perspective to Sustainability Education

October 24, 2012


Although education is considered as one of the most effective approaches in terms of addressing sustainability challenges and formulating solutions, my main ambition is trying to indicate the fact that traditional education methods remain inadequate in this regard. This is because these methods are based on passive and teacher-centred approaches to learning.  So, inFebruary 2012 I went […]

Rising consumption in a world of seven billion: ideas on sustainable business innovation

December 4, 2011


With a rapidly increasing population of over seven billion, the threat to the planet has less to do with the absolute number than with what, how and how much we consume. While the debate of whether or not consumers can change industry may continue to circulate on a “higher” level, we all exist within and […]

Effective Climate Change Communication: Selling the Sizzle

November 30, 2011


Futerra Communications published a document entitled Sell the Sizzle: The New Climate Message (2010), available at  For myself, and for many who consider themselves environmentalists, activists, or concerned citizens, we struggle with communicating some of the most crucial elements of the big picture, particularly regarding climate change.  The concepts included in this post – […]

Crafting for Sustainability

November 29, 2011


Here is another interesting and exciting project from LUMES 14th batch students! Crafting for Sustainability! As it can be seen from their poster, aim of this project is to bring change in behaviour of people towards the consumption of clothes by using craft and creativity as a medium. Instead of throwing away your favourite old […]


November 13, 2011


This wonderful film is about our home – the earth.  Like LUMES, it covers the following concepts; geology, humans, history, injustice, animals, industry, transport, agriculture, deforestation, oceans, mega cities, and how our mismanagement of carbon affects the earth. You might enjoy this video for the stunning visual imagery, for the profound statements that it makes […]

The Other Inconvenient Truth: How Agriculture is Changing the Face of Our Planet

October 30, 2011


Take a look at this TED Talk from Jonathon Foley! Foley looks at the magnitude of agriculture’s impacts on the earth and at the extent to which it is dominating the planet.  The severity of our situation will undoubtedly worsen as agricultural demands rise as populations grow.  This video demonstrates agriculture’s implications on land use and water use, that the “industry” […]

[LU] Sustainable Truth Bananas

October 23, 2011


Kalendarium Sustainable Truth? Bananas!* Speaker: Fredrik Gertten, director and journalist A series of movie screenings to spark a debate about the sustainability of our current and future society. In english and free of charge. Hösten 2011 arrangeras en filmvisningsserie med en efterföljande diskussion, medverkande är personer som antingen jobbar med en specifik fråga eller har […]