The Purpose of LUMESchannel

The over-arching goal of this blog is nothing less than

“To increase the understanding and desire to live sustainably in the world”

This goal will be reached by increasing knowledge through the blog itself, and by promoting LUMES for prospective students who will then know more about sustainability.

1. LUMESchannel will show prospective LUMES students the life and thoughts of LUMESians, both present and past. It is hoped that through this there will be an increase in the knowledge and desirability of LUMES as a potential MSc course. Through the posts under LUMES life prospective students will see the fun and passion we have for sustainability and learning about it. Through the posts under LUMES Alumni they can see what sort of jobs and careers to expect from attending LUMES.

(For more information of the outcome of studying at LUMES, look at the work done by some students for the 2011 Making Change Happen project. This can be found at

2. LUMESchannel will be a general go-to place for anyone who has a project or interest in learning more about sustainability. It is hoped that as we mix theory and practice, that many people will find something which speaks to just them about the importance of sustainability, and how they can live more sustainably.

3. LUMESchannel will be a place for LUMES Alumni to write about their thoughts on sustainability and their experience of working with questions related to sustainability. It will also be a place where they can keep in contact with other Alumni and present LUMES students.

4. LUMESchannel will be a place for LUMES students to write and think and post issues about sustainability, and get feedback on these thoughts and ideas. It will be a place where they can connect to future and past LUMES students and learn from them all.

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  1. Chad Boda

    December 8, 2011

    Ill start a conversation. I was amazed at a video posted on Facebook by a fellow LUMES student, Flavia C., which showed the U.S. “news” channel FOX calling the children’s show The Muppets “liberal propaganda” which “brainwashes” kids into hating people who are “successful”. I wanted to see peoples’ opinions on these attempts at misinformation and discrediting of a movement that holds strong a desire to promote environmental awareness, human equity and compassion, and quality of life over standard of living. Watch the video at and see how the political right in the United States actively and openly dismisses and misrepresents the overwhelming majority of the world that wants equity and fairness, truth and justice, and a renewed relationship with the earth and its many inhabitants!

  2. Just thought you guys might be interested in the ‘movement’ movement:

    Although note that there apparently isn’t currently enough Google-sourced ‘proof’ that this exists. Suffice to say that it DOES exist, but I guess it will take a little pause on it’s Internet presence shortly and then make a reappearance sometime soon. The rather exciting year that is 2012 perhaps?

    The big two-zero-one-two… The year we save the world!

    Keep up all the great work!

    /Lucy Brown
    a batch 11 LUMESian


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